The printing method that we use belongs to the younger generation of Uv printer.

Print on stable table dimension usable print 250cm X 120cm X 10cm. (width x length x height). With the fixed table, we can load much heavier material than any machine that promotes the material belt.


The head is very fine, just 14pl and resolution reaches up to 1440 dpi giving photographic result and high resolution in printing.

The main advantage of the PP-2512 UV is the ability to print on a large variety of flat materials such as:

KAPPA boards, FOAMBOARDS, WOOD, GLASS, marble, tile, linoleum, adhesive, aluminum, LEATHER, ICONS, ART, ROCK, PLEXIGLASS, PVC, METAL SURFACES, textiles, paper, cardboard, etc.


It is worth noting that the management of white, about 6 different ways giving the operator the ability to deliver even more applications, printing white ink with the following ways:

    1. as base color (basecolor), i.e. prints less than the entire surface of printing white ink
    1. as spot color (overcoatcolor), i.e. prints above the entire surface of printing white ink
    1. as fill color (Fillcolor), ie where there is no 100% CMYK, white prints
    1. as spot color, that is where we want in our project
    1. as underspot color, namely white ink prints just below where there is color and function simultaneously and spot color
    1. as Overspot color, ie print white ink only where there is more than color

DIGITAL PRINT with new UV technology is the display of digital images on a surface of photographic quality.

It is very important here to emphasize the importance of print quality as the issues are visible nearby. For this reason, the print is in very high resolution up to 1440 dpi.