Printing on glass

Digital printing on glass is more and more in demand. It is considered as an integral part of any modern project.

Our experience in the field of glass, the constant search for new designs, patterns and colors on glass surfaces with the new UV digital printing methods, our company has managed to have at its disposal, glass printing solutions with infinite applications in interior decoration to give opportunities to the modern interior designer, manufacturer and individual to have the best cosmetic result.

Printing on glass rendered with photographic quality and has applications as well as household equipment as in commercial spaces:

  1. Doors with aluminum frames or wood (kitchen, bath, closet, etc.)
  2. Interior doors with glass
  3. Back kitchen
  4. Bathroom Cabinets
  5. Crystal Doors
  6. Room divider
  7. Offices
  8. Glass roof
  9. Tables
  10. Investing in internal columns / walls
  11. Glass Coasters
  12. Illuminated panels
  13. Mirrors

and many more applications … with the only limitation being your imagination …!

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The cost of digital printing is proportional to the required resolution (dpi) of each project separately, dimensions and finally the use of white ink.

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